On appeasement: It is quite simple. Feeding wild animals does not make them friendly, it makes them stronger. Howard Newman

למדינה פלסטינית מפורזת, לעולם לא יסכימו הפלסטינים, למדינה פלסטינית מזויינת, לעולם לא תסכים ישראל!  אהוד בן עזר

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true - Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard 1813-1855



WWII Britain Iron Dome

The True Story of WWII – NOT!

Yuval Zaliouk

Early in 1940, the Brits came up with an incredible invention (developed by Jewish scientists of course). The stunning invention, nicknamed Copper Ceiling, rendered all German rockets inoperative, thus saving the London civilian population from the Blitz the Germans had been planning.

British and allied air forces attacked the Nazis from the air and destroyed in a few days most of the German arsenal of rockets aimed at London, as well as Nazi headquarters, rocket manufacturing facilities and warfare infrastructure.

In retaliation for planning to indiscriminately massacre British civilians, homes of the Nazi leaders who were now hiding in Churches, schools and hospitals, were also destroyed with such precision that only a few German civilians (many of whom voted Hitler into power) were killed.

International media and "human rights" organizations unanimously and enthusiastically praised Copper Ceiling. The word "symmetricity" and other such idiotic terms were conspicuously absent from their vocabulary, because even those knuckle heads understood that the strong measures embarked upon by the British will prevent the long and brutal war the Nazis were planning.

Thus, instead of six years, WWII was won within one month with minimum casualties suffered only on the German side. Not one Brit was killed in that war.

The Nazis were removed from power and tried for crimes against humanity. The German people were saved from the horrendous casualties they would have suffered had the war lasted six years.

Those who sympathized with the Nazis cried foul and mourned the fact that the British did not suffer the same number of casualties as the Germans...

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